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Experience the Classic Elegance of Old Money Lifestyle

Experience the Classic Elegance of Old Money Lifestyle
  • PublishedDecember 12, 2023

There is a recent shift in the world of fashion and lifestyle toward old money.  Wealthy millennials and Gen Xers are now drawn to classic style and luxurious leisure activities reminiscent of the Gatsby era. The question is, why is old money trending again?  Here are some details to help you understand this trend:

What is Old Money? 

Old money refers to families who have inherited wealth and social status that has been passed down over generations. They typically have a conservative style of living and are known for their high-class etiquette. 

Why is Old Money Trending? 

One reason for the trend might be the desire to have a connection to history and luxury.  Despite being brought up in a fast-paced world, people still crave something rich in culture and heritage. 

What Are Some Specific Trends? 

• Preppy style, which features button-downs, khakis, and loafers. 

• Fine-dining restaurants, clubs, and private parties. 

• Country clubs and golfing. 

• Traditional leisure activities like boating, hunting, and horse riding.

What is Old Money Aesthetic?

Also known as “Quiet Luxury”, Old Money Fashion is the essence of class and sophistication, with a distinguished style that sets it apart from all other fashion trends.

When it comes to this fashion trend that is approved by TikTok, the saying “money talks” is applicable, while for wealth, it simply whispers.

  • Old money dressing style is smoothly refined and elegant, thoughtfully chosen to showcase your admiration for timeless, superior, and classic pieces. 
  • With its association with prominent and wealthy families who have inherited their riches for generations, this fashion sense boasts of its quality and refinement.
  • They prefer classic, timeless looks over fads such as Prada loafers, pearls, basic gold accessories, and fabrics with good quality that will last forever. With a refined and cultured vibe, the old money aesthetic adds an air of sophistication and luxury to all aspects of your lifestyle.

Who are the Celebrities Mastering the Old Money Style?

  • One of the celebrities who perfectly embodies this fashion is Kate Middleton. Kate’s fashion choices tend to lean towards traditional shapes, such as A-line frocks and well-fitted outerwear. She also has a fondness for subtle jewelry, particularly pearls and dainty necklaces. Her style is classy and timeless, while still easy to connect with.
  • Hailey Bieber, the popular model, and social media influencer, is often seen sporting outfits with an old money feel, which include classic silhouettes, elegant cuts, and luxurious fabrics. Hailey’s fashion style is heavily inspired by the old Hollywood glamour of the ’50s and ’60s, and she often wears designer pieces by Chanel, Dior, and Gucci to evoke that classic feel.
  • Lady Diana, the late Princess of Wales, was renowned for her iconic sense of style that captured the essence of old money elegance. Her fashion choices exuded class and sophistication that set her apart from the rest. Lady Diana’s sartorial choices were carefully curated to represent her royal lineage, and she never failed to uphold the regal elegance that nowadays Old Money style became synonymous with her name.
  • Have you checked out the TV series Succession? It is completely useful to understand this trend. Here is a YouTube video analyzing the TV series in this context. 

It’s a fascinating portrayal of two extremely wealthy families, the Roys and the Pierces, and how they navigate their enormous wealth and influence. One of the most interesting aspects is the contrast between the Roys’ “new money” mentality and the Pierces’ sense of “old money” tradition. The Pierces come from a long line of inherited wealth and power, which brings with it a strong sense of responsibility to use their resources for the benefit of society. This concept of “noblesse oblige” sets them apart from the Roys, who have worked tirelessly to amass their own fortune. 

Old money fashion will likely continue to inspire new generations of fashion enthusiasts. It’s a timeless style that stands out from the crowd and is a statement of one’s social status. There are many tips available on social media to apply this style only by knowing what to wear and how to match your clothes, without breaking the bank. Its uncompromising quality, understated elegance, and appeal will always set it apart and make it a significant symbol of high society.

What brands are considered “Quiet Luxury”?

For the top 8 Old money movies.

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