Cabinets of Curiosities: A Fascinating Collection of the Past 

Cabinets of Curiosities: A Fascinating Collection of the Past 
  • PublishedMarch 20, 2024

Do you ever wonder what people in the past found fascinating? What did they consider valuable and intriguing? One answer lies in the “cabinet of curiosities” – a fascinating collection of objects, both natural and man-made, that were once seen as a window into the world. 

Let’s delve into the world of cabinets of curiosities and explore some of the lesser-known facts about them.

What is a Cabinet of Curiosities?

A cabinet of curiosities (also known as a “wunderkammer”) is a collection of objects displayed to show the extent of human knowledge and curiosity about the natural world, artistic styles, and unfamiliar cultures.

This concept, which can be translated into Turkish as “nadire cabinets”, emerged with the preservation and display of all kinds of strange and exotic animals, plants and craft objects that flowed to Europe, especially after the discovery of the American continent, and enabled collecting to gain meaning.

Why are Cabinets of Curiosities Important? 

These collections were the precursors to modern museums and played an essential role in the development of natural history, art, and science. They helped shape the way we view the world today and were instrumental in the establishment of the concept of the museum.

What Kinds of Objects Could Be Found in a Cabinet of Curiosities? 

Anything and everything from stuffed animals, exotic shells, and precious stones to sculptures, oddities such as two-headed animals, medical instruments, and cultural artifacts from faraway lands.

Nadire cabinets are social status indicators that aim to contain oddities, where one brings together rare objects and in doing so aims to stand out from the majority.

The Museum of Innocence, which Orhan Pamuk created in 2012 on his novel of the same name, is stylistically and fictionally similar to the paintings Nadire cabinets and room of curiosities. The museum, which Kemal created by bringing together objects from his personal world, is similar to the Nadire Cabinets in this respect, but differs from them in that it brings together ordinary objects of daily life. 

What are Some Little-Known Facts About Cabinets of Curiosities? 

  • Cabinets of curiosities were initially created by wealthy individuals as a way to demonstrate their social status and enhance their reputations as collectors.
  • Many of the objects found in cabinets of curiosities were not rare at the time, but their placement in the collection made them appear exotic and unique.
  • The collections were not solely for scientific or educational purposes but also served as a source of entertainment.
  • Some cabinets of curiosities were organized in a way that followed the imaginary journey of visitors through different parts of the world.

Examples of a Cabinet of Curiosities

  • William Bullock’s hummingbird case contains a collection of the finest hummingbirds in Europe.
  • The German Baroque cabinet of curiosities of Augustus the Strong, the Elector of Saxony and King of Poland, consisting of many precious stones, exotic plants, and musical instruments.
  • The Grünes Gewölbe (Green Vault) in Dresden, Germany, houses the world’s largest collection of historic green gemstones, including the Star of the South, a 128.48-carat diamond.

In conclusion, cabinets of curiosities were a unique and exciting way for people in the past to understand the world around them. They provide an insight into the cultural and scientific values of their time and continue to fascinate people today. From bizarre medical instruments to rare gemstones, these collections will always be symbols of our curiosity and willingness to explore the unknown.

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